Reiki Philosophy


Reiki originates in Japan and designates an ancient and powerful healing art to improve the spirit, mind and body by channeling the unlimited energy of the universe.

The term Reiki was first used in the beginning of the XX century by Usui Mikao Sensei who received inspiration of this healing art (Reiki Ryoho, or simply Reiki) in the course of his spiritual awakening practice.

“Rei” can be translated as mysterious, miraculous and sacred and “Ki” (or “Chi”) as energy of the universe.

The Japanese word Reiki can, therefore, be defined as a “miraculous and sacred energy of the universe which sustains all life”.

The cosmic energy is called with a variety of names by people in many countries from ancient times, but irrespective of its name, it is essential for all beings to live healthy and harmonious lives.

Indeed, beyond a mere healing technique, Reiki offers many tools for one’s spiritual evolution and reaching harmonious and balanced relationship to the self and to the universe.