About me


Hello and welcome to my Reiki Force website!

My name is Serge Rigel, I live in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. I practice Reiki in its various forms since the year 2000 and I was initiated as Reiki Master in 2004.

Since my teen years, the Force guided me on the path of discovery and deep understanding of the nature and the inner-workings of our Reality, commonly called “Earth”.

This path brought me to different places and events, both visible to and perceptible by our “earthly” senses, as well as those existing “behind the curtain”. Experience taught me that all observable “places” and “events” are no more than the manifestations of consciousness affecting the surrounding and all-penetrating etherial light, otherwise in an elementary state. This principle, often referred to as “non-locality” is well expressed, among others, in the following quote from Albert Einstein: “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.”

Although for many, the above concept may seem difficult to grasp, my main goal is to use the tools offered by the concept , which ”materialize”, through Reiki, among others. Indeed, the Force of Light can (and often should) be deployed beyond Space and Time. Moreover, practice shows that distance healing sessions are oftentimes more powerful than those done in-person.

It is in this spirit that I propose my services of Reiki remote healing, per the simple formulas described on this site.