The treatment is done remotely and at the time appropriate to each individual case (it is oftentimes better for the efficiency of the session that your “earthly” awareness is not in any particular state of “expectation”). Indeed, the element of “time” is no more important than that of the “place” where each of us is. However, you are encouraged to let me know the moments which you think are best for you and for your “receptivity” (such as your sleep hours or times when you rest and are free of any stress induced by work or any other activity).

Please note that, in principle, I do not communicate my perceptions during the treatment, except the rare cases, when I feel the duty to disclose them to the patients.

To facilitate the “connection” please kindly provide me with your first name, your date and place of birth and your photo (the date of the photo is not important). If you are not comfortable with providing your photo, a scan of a small handwritten note or even a small drawing will be sufficient. These elements are not essential but will facilitate the session (whose details and schedule will be agreed mutually beforehand).

N.B: Reiki can not replace medical advice given by a healthcare professional.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


Reiki remote sessions:

1 care: € 85

4 cares: € 320

8 cares: € 600